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Yukimura Sanada

Yukimura Sanada as illustrated by Keitaro Arima.

Sword Princess Strategist
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Student
Likes Muneakira
Dislikes Being Chased
Hobby Studying
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Height 150cm (Approx 4'11")
Bust 70 (28)
Waist 49 (19)
Hip 68 (27)

Yukimura Sanada is a character from the Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls series. She is part of the Toyotomi clan and is the second master samurai contracted under Muneakira, the first being Akane Yagyu.


Yukimura wears a red and black detailed fan on her head, with a red ribbon. She wears a white bodysuit underneath an open red and black kimono, and has white and pink shoes.


Yukimura looks small and weak, but she is actually pretty strong-willed, keeping a cool head during intense situations. She can also be slightly mischievous at times. She begins to get feelings for Muneakira, after initially being harsh to him.


She can control wind with her battle fans, but cannot fully control her power when she transforms. She is also a keen Feng Shui reader, able to accurately predict the future with ease.



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