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Tino as illustrated by Muraneko.

Ghost Dragon Demon
Gender Female
Race Half-Human/Half-Dragon
Occupation Gal Monster
Likes Grilled meat, whack-a-mole
Dislikes Violent people, people with photophobia
Hobby Monologuing
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Yellow
Height 140cm (Approx 4'7")
Bust 70 (28")
Waist 56 (23")
Hip 72 (29")

Tino is one of the ten capturable Gal Monsters in the Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos video game.


Tino wears a short blue dress, with light blue going down the middle with a long blue and white cape and a light brown tail, white sleeves with small bladed gloves, and white thigh-highs with grey and blue shoes.


Tino's a bashful girl... basically, she's cowering all the time. A carnivore-like girl with a weak mind. She's a little worried about the shine on her forehead. She usually gets bullied by the herbivore-like Cerate. Though, her carnivore-like blood hidden deep inside her comes up sometimes? She's always disappearing and appearing again.


Tino is very strong, being able to wield a hammer twice her size, which has a built in mechanism that gives it more power when she strikes. She can also transform into a giant dragon and attack with incredible strength.


  • She's voiced by Noriko Aoki.
  • Other monsters like her are the "Rex" Ral (green) and the "Tiggel" Runa (red).
  • Her dislikes list "people with photophobia ", this might be related to her worry about her light-reflecting forehead (and people complaining about it).


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