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Taki l

Taki as illustrated by Isse

Sealed Sword of Godspeed
Kanji タキ/多喜
Series Soulcalibur (Video Game)
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Ninja
Likes Natsu
Dislikes Arahabaki
Hobby Hunting Demons
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 170 (Approx 5'7")
Bust 90 (35)
Waist 52 (20)
Hip 85 (33)

Taki is an extremely skilled shinobi and demon huntress from the Soul Calibur universe. Taki is a Japanese orphan raised in the Fu-Ma Ninja clan, under the care of its headmaster Toki. She is a capable fighter in both unarmed and armed combat, as well as an accomplished demon huntress, spy, and blacksmith.


Taki mainly wears a tight red bodysuit (she has also worn a blue and purple bodysuit), and in each iteration, she is seen with demon-themed arm-guards and leg-guards.


Due to her training as a shinobi, Taki holds her mission's success above everything else. However, she has shown concern on several occasions.  Stemming from a side-effect of her training and life-style, she is most emotionless and serious, and is able to easily see through enemy deceptions and trickery.


Taki utilizes Ninjustu magic and fights with two ninjato, Rekki-Maru and Mekki-Maru, with the latter harboring an evil shard of Soul Edge. She is able to use deceptive and sometimes unpredictable attacks to bewilder her opponents and keep them from accurately predicting what she is going to do next.


  • She has gained popularity quite quickly since her debut, becoming one of the most known characters in the series.
  • She was the series staple kunoichi, until Soul Calibur V, when she was replaced with Natsu, her disciple.
  • Taki (as of SCIV) is 29 years old.


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