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Sigui as illustrated by Oda Non.

Queen's Inquisitor
Alternate Spelling Shigi
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Inquisition Officer
Likes Order
Dislikes Alchemy
Hobby Reading
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Green
Height 165cm (5'5")
Bust 88 (35)
Waist 58 (23)
Hip 84 (33)

"That's a blasphemy towards God. I'll rightly burn you to death."

"Judgment! I find you guilty! Be prepared to be purged by my flames!"

Sigui (シギィ) is an inquisitor, a nun belonging to the Pope’s central office. Burning at the stake all devil worshipers, pagans, and even believers who show misconduct is her mission. She’s very eager to burn down the Rebel Army, which she considers to be a den of heretics.


Sigui wears a very revealing take on a nun's outfit, wearing the traditional headpiece and neckpiece. On her torso, she has an open, white, frilled dress, with a blue jacket on top of it with elegant designs and armbands. On her lower body, she wears white garters underneath her metal thigh-high boots.


Sigui is a passionate devotee to God and her strictness is second to none, not even to Queen Claudette. She has been given the authority to punish anyone that can be called heretic. It’s not that she's cruel; actually, she’s usually virtuous, but primarily she's too serious and inflexible and doesn’t hesitate in judging people.


Sigui fights with The Staff of Holy Fire, and also attacks with her other weapon, God's Chained Blade. With these weapons, she is able to channel extremely potent blasts of purple fire, which deal significant damage if hit directly. She’s also a user of the “Divine Power,” which Melpha also uses, which she uses to perform the Holy Poses.


Bravery: 4

Popularity: 4

Resourcefulness: 4

Leadership: 4

Potential: 4

Experience: 3



(From her backcover)


Please forgive me for I have sinned.

My mission is to burn to death all those heretics that remain.

However, even if I keep burning them, heretics don’t disappear from this Continent.

Today, an abhorrent knight descended from demons is trying to stand in my way once again.

Oh, God.

I offer this Holy Pose to you.

Please bestow upon me the miraculous power.

Please provide me with the flame of purification to destroy the enemies of God.

Then, when all the heretics have been saved by the mercy of God, please forgive my sins as well.

Until then, I won’t ever lose.

Right now, I will carry out the judgement of the enemy of God before my eyes.

“Verdict, guilty. You have been regarded as a heretic, you shall be rightly burned to death.”

Ah, seems like the poor heretic that doesn’t devote her body to the mercy of God has decided to challenge me.

“Very well. I’m warning you, I am the strongest.”

Sure enough, can the Inquisitor Sigui punish this enemy of God by burning her to death?

They won’t know that unless they fight.


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