This page is for the discussion and planning for reforming the Queen's Blade Wikia.


  1. Standardize indexing and reduce dependency on the search engine to find relevant articles.
  2. Connect relevant pages through use of the navigation tools.
  3. Simplify articles by reducing or moving irrelevant information.
  4. Create new goals for reforming the wiki as needed.


Users can create concepts they want to see implemented and discuss them in the comments section below.


Reorganize the pages so that all the Queen's Blade Universes have an understandable relationship with each other, and create an Universal Navigation Bar.

Queen's Blade Universe
Queen's Blade Rebellion Spiral Chaos Grimoire
Combat Books X X X ?
Anime X X O ?
Manga X O O ?
PSP Games X O X


This table is just a simple summery of the various mediums each universe contributes to. There are various mangas based on Queen's Blade and Rebellion but they each tell their own story, and it is often an alternate telling of events in the anime. The combat books themselves offer only little character stories and are instead designed to be played with each other.

Aside from two threads, each story in the QB Universe can stand on its own. The two threads being the QB-QB:R anime (TV & OVAs) and the Spiral Chaos games.


Reorganize, Trim or Remove galleries from the character pages. Right now the galleries serve little purpose besides taking up space. Yes there is a need to see what each character looks like, but filling up the character pages with random images just slows down the wiki and makes people download excess information. Currently the galleries are unsorted as well, containing images from the combat books, random promotional art, mangas, screenshots from the anime and fan art.

Separating the Combat books into their own pages may be a viable solution. Coming to a consensus of what other official art represents each character and limiting the the character pages to 3 or so extra images, along with necessary art regarding the character's image will help clean up the wiki.

Final NotesEdit

Everything on this page, as well as this page itself is up for discussion. Feel free to add comments, edit the page, suggest other ways to contribute. The idea here is to set new goals for the wiki, and then to accomplish them together.

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