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Cattleya's Son.

Alternate Spelling Lana
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupation Cattleya's Assistant
Likes Cattleya, Weapons, Airi, Owen
Dislikes Aldra, Delmore, Being separated from his mother
Hobby Assisting his mother in fights
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Height 136cm (Approx 4'6")

Rana is a young boy and the son of Cattleya and Owen


Though he is a boy, his appearance resembles a young girl, wearing a hairpiece and what appears to be a purple dress and a turquoise bead necklace.


Rana shares his mother's courage, not backing down, even to the likes of Aldra. He always enters battle with his mother, yet never gets in her way. He has grown fond of Airi, who took him in after Aldra imprisoned Cattleya in stone. Surprisingly, Airi also grew very fond of Rana, which is odd because usually Airi shows no affection, whatsoever. 


Rana doesn't have very many unique qualities. The only weapons he ever wielded were Cattleya's spear and Airi's scythe, using them adequately. He is very knowledgeable in weapons smithing for his age, as he helped Ymir re-forge Leina's sword out of his mother's absence.


  • He is voiced by Rie Kugimiya (Japanese) and Eva Christensen (English), with the latter also voicing his mother.
  • Rana means Frog in Spanish.


Official ArtworkEdit


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