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Queen's Blade: Vanquished Queens


Writer Various
Illustrator Various
Release date August 31, 2011
Book Guide
Vanquished Queens 2
(For the Vanquished Queens Original Video Animations, head here. )Edit

Queen's Blade: Vanquished Queens is a visual book depicting and detailing some of the characters' defeat.

Timeline-wise, some of the characters are defeated before the Queen's Blade tournament, such as Menace, Irma, and Leina. Every other character is defeated sometime between Beautiful Fighters and during Rebellion

It is important to note these events are not canonical.


(A more detailed version is available in the gallery.)

Tomoe is defeated by the Kouma Ninja.

Irma is defeated by Aldra.

Nowa is captured by Dogura.

Risty helped Leina recover from her injuries.

Menace was tortured at the hands of Anarista.

Nanael was defeated by The Swamp Witch.

Airi was defeated by an unknown demon hunter.

Nyx was defeated by Elina Vance.

Melpha and Sigui were captured by the Swamp Giant.

Ymir was defeated by Echidna.

Alleyne had become Funikura's new host.

Aldra was defeated by Irma.

Annelotte was jailed and tortured by the Queen's Torturer.

Yuit and Vante were also jailed and tortured.

Mirim was defeated by Branwen.

Sainyang & Tarnyang were defeated by Elina Vance.

Sigui was punished by heretics.

Eilin and Ymir were defeated by Melona.

Liliana was also defeated by Melona.


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