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"Queen's Blade: Grimoire" is an upcoming project that will feature a new cast, set in a parallel multiverse, with the characters fighting with Grimoires (magical books).

Characters Announced

Characters Mentioned

  • The Naked Queen (no real news yet)
  • Lady of the Lake (no real news yet)
  • Kyueru, the Angel of Innocence (confirmed)


"Hey grandmother, tell me a story!"

"Okay. How about I tell you the best story that I know?"

It's a story that takes place in a separate world.

Mel Fair Land, the country of endless summer.

It was a peaceful world, where humans and other species lived alongside magic. However, when the "Devil of Winter" arrived suddenly, we knew that our endless summer was coming to an end.

According to the astrologists' predictions, She who defeats the Devil must be wielding the legendary sword called "The Queen's Blade."

Thus, the "Naked Queen," who rules the country, gathered the most confident, beautiful warriors from all over the world and started a tournament which would find out who the most suitable warrior was.

But the beautiful warriors who gathered were not here to save the world.... Instead, the tournament was filled with the most outrageous bunch of girls you'll ever hear of.

(More information will be added in the near future.)

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