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Queen's Blade: An Angel's Scolding
Angel's Scolding
Developer Hobby Japan
Platform Windows XP
Release Date JP: August 24, 2007.
Genre Other
Mode Single-Player

Queen's Blade: An Angel's Scolding is a limited-edition game, released in an event by Hobby Japan in 2007.


The game consists in dressing up (or undressing) Nanael in various outfits, including Tomoe's or Airi's, and/or pouring the holy milk from her bottle on her. The game is fully voiced, and she reacts negatively to the player's actions (hence the game's title).


Start: "Choosing some suitable clothes for the noble me?"

Camisole (click 3 times): "Wait! Where are you touching in the midst of the confusion?"

Camisole (click 3 more times): "Ah... not there..."

Camisole (click 3 more times): "Hyaa! This pervert monkey! You did that on purpose!"

Tomoe: "What are you grinning for? You're disgusting, I'm going to deal you a Warrior Kick."

Airi: "I'd like to serve you, Master... Of course I'm not a woman who'd say that! Were you expecting that, you fool?"

Swimsuit: "This one... It can't be helped, I had a feeling you were the type who likes this... You're the worst..."

Sailor uniform: "Hm, why are you giving me these clothes, didn't your adolescence already end some time ago!"

Camisole + Airi's knee-high socks: "What's this, you have zero fashion sense. You should be ashamed that you were born!"

(Though the pattern of occurrence is "Camisole + knee-high socks", this also happens with other clothes)

Camisole arm + Camisole leg + white swimsuit + sailor top (from the Djibril/Jiburiru series?): "Considering it's you, that's some nice sense of fashion. Fine, I'll praise you."

Get all the above: "What are you doing, you dumb monkey! Give back that bottle!"

(Unlocks the milk bottle)

Milk:"Only, only I am allowed..."

Milk 2: "No good! Nanael's become covered in milk!"

Milk 3: "A-ah! No more milk!"

Milk 4: "Geez... you'd better take responsibility... because it's your fault..."



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