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Margrave Kreutz
Margrave Kreutz

Leader of the Kreutz Knight Corps

Gender Male
Race Human
Occupation Margrave
Likes His wife and son
Dislikes The conservative nobles
Hobby None
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height Unknown
Bust None
Waist None
Hip None
Margrave Kreutz is Annelotte's father, who raised her as a boy. He was killed when he went to war against Queen Claudette to protect his territory from being destroyed.


He wears a long military uniform with a black band, and black boots.


The Margrave Kreutz was a man known for his loyalty, that supported the Vance and pledged alliance to the Queens resulting from Queen's Blade, unlike all the other aristocrats. But after Queen Claudette was crowned and she abolished aristocracy, rumors starting spreading about his disagreement with the Queen. When the rumors grew to consider his whole margraviate as an army in training against the Queen, that included even women and children, the Margrave Kreutz was forced to act before the Queen aimed at his whole territory.


He has no real known abilities, but he was a charismatic man, loved and respected by many.


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