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Lovlila Ani

Ani as illustrated by Shinchiro Otsuka.

Gender Female
Race Witch
Occupation Gal Monster
Likes Sisters (duplicates of her), squid sashimi
Dislikes Barbers, physicists, scientists
Hobby Raising plants
Hair Color Pink/Indigo
Eye Color Blue
Height 137cm (Approx 4'6")
Bust 71 (28")
Waist 46 (18")
Hip 72 (28")

"You're a bit like, 'hanya~' and then 'pop'!"

Ani is one of the ten capturable Gal Monsters in Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos video game.


Ani has hair that is interestingly two-toned, being pink on the outside, but a bluish-purple underneath. Interesting still, she seems to have two long twin tails, that are spear-like in appearance, and can move and bend to her will. She wears a dark purple bikini top with a black and pink cape on the back that splits off into two "tails", and a white corset that covers up her abdomen with a blue ornament on a belt. On her arms she has dark purple sleeves with light purple ends. On her leg she wears purple striped thigh-highs and purple boots. She has a yellow star orbiting around her right twin tail.


Ani is a witch girl who was blown to this dimension when she failed to draw a magic square. Usually one would be shocked speechless, but she accepted it calmly, leisurely saying "It'll work out somehow!", maybe because she's an airhead, maybe because she's optimistic. However, her failure to draw the magic circle on her own caused a great number of duplicates of herself to spring forth. Each of them have the same will, facial features and shape than her. But, she didn't give it a second thought, on the contrary, she was delighted: "Yay, I ended up with lots of sisters!" When she meets someone with different colors than herself, she enjoys wondering: "Is she my big siis? Is she my little siis?"


She is able to control parts of nature, such as rapidly growing flowers and calling giant waves of water at her opponents. She can also have her twin tails shape-shift into anything she can imagine. Lovlila is also shown being able to fly at high speeds like a meteorite. She is also somehow able to manipulate time and space, being able to flip the world around her upside-down. She is also able to use a roulette-like attack in which she takes out 5 cards, and they read a certain attack such as large coins raining from the sky, trapping an opponent in a giant grail, or having two large swords come from the sky.


  • She is voiced by Ayano Yamamoto.
  • Her monster class is "Lovlila." Other monsters in the same class are the "Yggdra" Beth (with orange & blue hair), and the "Jaglila" Serene (with blonde & green hair).



Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation- Ani (1 of 2)10:09

Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation- Ani (1 of 2)

Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation Ani (2 of 2) (+kiss scene)11:57

Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Freetalks Translation Ani (2 of 2) (+kiss scene)

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