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Kaguya profile

Kaguya as Illustrated by Saitom.

Magic Clothing Sword Princess
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Magic clothing user
Likes Precious treasures
Dislikes Bamboo shots
Hobby Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Height Unknown
Bust Unknown
Waist Unknown
Hip Unknown

"He who wants to marry Kaguya, bring me treasure!"

Kaguya is a collector of magic garments (magic treasures), and is a self-proclaimed person from the moon. She was found by an old couple, who raised and indulged her very much.

She’s participating in the tournament because she’s interested in the "Queen’s Blade" the winner is said to obtain.


Kaguya has very long black hair styled in two twin tails, and red eyes. She wears a layered kimono (white on the outside, and green and red underneath) with a red sash going around, with a water lily motif. She wears two metallic bunny ears atop her head, knee-length armored greaves, lined with red and gold, and a pair of large armored black gauntlets, with a red strap around each thigh. She wears a white neck piece with red lining.


Although she’s made an earnest supply of treasure from many people due to her cute appearance, she isn’t a wicked, calculating woman, she’s simply childlike, with a low mental age.


Kaguya can instantly master any magic clothing. What exactly that entails, and if her current clothes are magical as well, remains to be shown. 


  • Her rabbit ears are a reference to the legend that rabbits pound mochi on the moon, where she claims to be from.
  • Her hair and background resembles that of Kaguya Houraisan of the Touhou Project.

Official ArtworkEdit

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