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Head Angel
Head Angel

Leader of the Angels

Leader of Heaven
Gender Female
Race Angel
Occupation Queen's Blade Organizer
Likes God
Dislikes Evil
Hobby Putting up with Nanael
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Height Immeasurable
Bust (If Human Size) 95 (37)
Waist (If Human Size) 50 (20)
Hip (If Human Size) 82 (32)

The Head Angel(天使長) is the leader of all the angels in Heaven, and the organizer of the Queen's Blade Tournaments.


The Head Angel has six wings, three on each side of her, and wears a white shirt with blue ends, a brown belt, and a white long skirt, and white long gloves on her arms.


The Head Angel is kind; but at the same time, she can judge fiercely, as seen when Nanael keeps messing things up around Heaven and forgetting her objectives and duties. The Head Angel forgives Nanael many times, but gives her rules to follow so that she can make up for what she's done, and even limits her power so that Nanael can participate in the Queen's Blade Tournaments as well.


As the organizer of the Queen's Blade Tournaments, it is assumed that she is the one opening the portals for the participants and sustaining the giant orbs in the sky, so that spectators can watch. She might also be the one channeling the power from God to those who practice the Holy Poses, such as Melpha and Shigi.


  • Her name is currently unknown. If following the Kabbalah that includes Hachiel (Haziel) in 9th place and Nanael in 53rd, it could be Vehuiah; if they're simply named after Japanese ordinals, it could be Ichiel ("ichi" being Japanese for "one").



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