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Hans as Illustrated by F.S.

Souvenir Shop Manager
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupation Shopkeeper
Hobby None
Hair Color White
Eye Color Black
Height Unknown
Bust None
Waist None
Hip None

Hans is a merchant from Gainos, who sells figurines of the Queen's Blade participants and other exotic items (like Menace's staff Setra itself) in his popular souvenir shop.


He wears a pink shirt, and a red and yellow robe with a matching hat. On his hands, he wears silver and golden rings.


He is a shrewd businessman, that recognizes an opportunity to make money when he finds one. When he met Menace, he sponsored her and helped her enter the tournament, seemingly out of good will, but he was actually investing in his business: he planned to make money selling figures in her likeness. But Menace and Setra found out about the figures, and threatened him into giving them the money he had earned.


He has no real known abilities, but he has talent at making figurines, the quality of which Setra acknowledged.


  • He also appears in the Spiral Chaos games, as the owner of the item shop.
  • In the Queen's Blade novels, he appears as Echidna's friend.
  • Hans acts as Hobby Japan's avatar/spokesperson. With a much more polite personality, he's eager to be interviewed and comments about details from the Queen's Blade characters, and updates the Queen's Blade Staff Blog with the latest news.
  • In Menace's Drama CD, he's voiced by Asou Tomohisa.


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