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Hachiel as illustrated by Kuchuyosai.

Head Angel Assistant
Gender Female
Race Angel
Occupation Assistant
Likes Nanael, Head Angel
Dislikes The Swamp Witch
Hobby Reprimanding Nanael
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Hazel
Height 165cm (Approx 5'5")
Bust 76 (30)
Waist 55 (22)
Hip 79 (31)

Hachiel(ハチエル) is an angel notable for being Nanael's friend, and the Head Angel's assistant.


She wears a high-ranked angel outfit, similar to Nanael's. She wears a tight, sleeveless white top with a small white skirt and pink-striped panties. She has white full arm-length sleeves with pink ends, and on her left arm she has a small designed cloth and on her right arm she has a white glove with pink ends. On her legs she has white thigh-highs and steel plate knee-high boots.


She is kind, and has the feel of a do-gooder about her. She is always trying to get Nanael to do her duties, and always catches Nanael procrastinating or otherwise not doing what she is supposed to.


She is a very powerful angel, being able to hold her own against Nanael when she had become stronger through the Holy Grape.


  • Hachiel is higher ranked than Nanael, with Nanael being 53rd rank and Hachiel being 9th.
  • Hachiel compliments Nanael's name with Hachiel meaning Eight (Hachi) and Nanael also meaning Seven (Nana).


Official ArtworkEdit


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