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Funikura as illustrated by Masahiro Kuroki.

Evil One
Gender Unknown
Race Unknown
Occupation Nyx's Weapon
Likes Strong Warriors
Dislikes Weak People
Hobby Assaulting Nyx
Hair Color None
Eye Color Red
Height 100cm

Funikura is Nyx's weapon, and is a living staff. She stumbled upon it, which it then began to control her.


It appears as a long staff, with long tentacles and a bright red eye.


It is not very loyal, not staying with its owner for long, as it always seeks stronger opponents, although with each owner it will attempt to control them, and force them to do its bidding.


While not powerful by itself, it can imbue its user with extraordinary magical powers, it also seems to augment the user's previous skills as well. It has been stated that the liquid released by Funikura has the ability to heal wounds, and is able to augment the appearance of its host, such is the case with Nyx.


  • Funikura has a similar design to that of Marvel's Shuma-Gorath, and other similarities include them both being powerful magical beings capable of manipulating others.
  • Also, background and personality-wise, he is very similar to Eddie from the fighting game Guilty Gear, including manipulating his host for his own ends.
  • His name seems to be inspired in the Italian folk song "Funiculì, Funiculà", written by Peppino Turco.


Official ArtworkEdit


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