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Dorothy as Illustrated by Niθ.

Trap Avoider
Kanji ドロシー ロリーナ ボーム
Rōmaji Doroshi Roriina Boom
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Treasure Hunter
Likes Alice (secretly)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Light Blue
Height 154cm (Approx 5'1")
Bust Unknown
Waist Unknown
Hip Unknown

Dorothy Lorena Baum is Glinda's daughter and Alice's rival as a treasure hunter and her best friend in the Queen's Gate novels, belonging to the Baum Foundation.


She wears a white and orange bodysuit with a "7" on it, with matching hair accessories, gloves and boots.


She isn't very bright, but she doesn't miss a chance to bicker with Alice, and doesn't hesitate to provoke her when she beats her to the treasure, even if she's physically weaker than her. Actually, she's been in love with Alice since they were little. She worries when her subordinates in the Baum Foundation (Lumberjack, Scarecrow and Löwe) are in danger, and they deeply care for her, even beyond what their work asks of them.


She has the ability not to fall for any trap (the main reason why she gets ahead of Alice when they race to explore ancient ruins), and people call her the "good luck fairy." She usually uses Lumberjack's armor (made of "Roswell metal") as her "powered suit" to protect herself when on an adventure.




A subordinate under Dorothy, Löwe is a woman who possesses lion genes, and her combat ability is said to even rival that of Alice's Boost State. She wears a black unitard with teal hip pieces and white robotic arms and legs, coupled with sharp claws.


Lumberjack Edit

A subordinate under Dorothy, Lumberjack is a strengthened soldier whose body is covered in "Rosswell" metal, and is also used as Dorothy's power suit.


Scarecrow Edit

A subordinate under Dorothy, Scarecrow is the Head of Intelligence, abilities on par with those of Hatter, and she is also a genius-level engineer. She wears a maid outfit.


  • Just like Alice is based on Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy is based on the Wizard of Oz, as her surname and the name of her subordinates suggest.
  • She usually refers to Alice as "Allie" (Alice-chan), and even calls herself "Dolly" (Dorothy-chan).
  • The seven on her bodysuit may be a reference to her uncanny luckiness, as seven is regarded as a lucky number.
  • She bears a striking resemblance to Naoe Kanetsugu from the Hyakka Ryouran Series. Her mother Glinda, also resembles another character from the same series, Charles D'artagnan.
  • Lumberjack resembles Alphonse Elric of the Full Metal Alchemist series.


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