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Child of the Dragon
Child of the Dragon

Child of the Dragon as illustrated by Eiwa

Sacred Vessel
Gender Female
Race Human (revered like a god)
Occupation Guardian deity
Hobby None
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Height Unknown
Bust None
Waist None
Hip None

Child of the Dragon (also known as the Child of the Fate Chosen by the Dragon) is the Sacred Vessel of Shai-Fang, their national symbol. Believed to have goshintai ("living God") inside of her, she's said to belong to a line of all-knowing, all-seeing beings that guard the safety of the people in Shai-Fang.


She wears her hair tied in buns, and wears a pink and white dress typical of Shai-Fang.


She's a very quiet girl that won't speak a word unless she feels she needs to. At times, she seems like she either doesn't understand or simply ignores the world around her, given that she barely reacts to situations of danger.


Her only power seen so far is making prophecies about the Rebel Army, that despite being a little vague, have come true. According to Sainyang & Tarnyang, she occasionally gives predictions to the people in Shai-Fang as well.

Besides that, she seems to have good reflexes, as she was able to take hold of Luna Luna's horn before anyone noticed.


  • In the anime, the Sacred Vessel is identified as a stone-like object that resembles a panda. It is unknown if the Child of the Dragon is related to this object.


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