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Calibara Forest

The Calibara Forest(カリパラの森) is a vast forest located near the coast of the continent. The forest is heavily guarded by its residents, and frequent monster attacks deter many from venturing to deep into the lands. As such, the culture of the residents flourished, with little to no outside influence. The lands also feature many different types of medicinal flora, allowing for amazing cures that many outside the forest know few about.

The denizens wear much less clothing than the rest of the continent, mainly for traditional tribalistic tendencies, and the climate. As such, the pigmentation varies, from light brown to pale white.

People from this regionEdit

Nearby RegionsEdit

Calibara Forest GuardiansEdit

The Calibara Forest is protected by an elite guard, who fend off monsters or opposition with extreme skill. They have been seen to use spears, bows, and several short swords as weapons. The guards dress in a similar fashion to Luna Luna, with very revealing clothing.


Village Elder


Most of the guards wear either thin tops that only cover their bust, either a cross designed style or a wrap style. They also wear white thongs, with a large belt like cloth on the hips. Some of the guardians also feature ornate bands, that are either on the arms, neck, and legs.


The guards are known for their accuracy with their bows, and are extremely deadly in their own environment. They are able to overcome environmental hindrances, such as heavy fog, and still maintain top combat ability.

Calibara Forest GalleryEdit

Calibara Forest Guardians GalleryEdit


  • The elven vein that Echidna is from may also reside in this area, but that has yet to be seen.

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