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Anarista as illustrated by F.S.

Scorpion of Amara
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Personal Training Instructor to Princess Menace (Cover)

Spy for the Kingdom of Sadler (Actual)

Likes Bananas
Dislikes Royalty
Hobby Breeding scorpions, sun bathing
Hair Color Silver with multicolored highlights
Eye Color Red
Height 163cm (Approx 5'4")
Bust 88 (35)
Waist 60 (24)
Hip 85 (33)

"Now Princess Menace. This will be your final lesson!"

Anarista (アナリスタ) was Menace's personal trainer and confidant (actually a spy for the Sadler Kingdom), who betrayed her, leaving her trapped and to die, and letting the country Amara be conquered by the Sadler nation.


Anarista wears a detailed Amaran eye-mask on her face. On her torso she has a fishnet unitard with metal caps, an ornate belt with rings in varying sizes, and a small dark blue blue cloth with a light blue Amaran symbol on it. On her arms she has blue and gold metal armbands on her upper arm, and blue and gold bracers with a golden ornament of a creature going down it. On her legs she has blue and gold metal ankle-bands.

She has an alternate outfit, which consists of a metal blue and white striped choker with gold ends, and a silver Ankh hanging from it. She wears a white bikini top with black straps and silver tassels. On her arms she has blue and gold arm-guards with a sapphire jewel near the top. She wears a golden metal thong, with it going beneath her and ending at her crotch, not going back up, with a blue cloth in the front. On her legs, she has metal bands on her upper thighs and fishnets that go all the way to her ankle, and silver sandals.


Anarista has made Menace a personal enemy to her, because of her actions. Anarista is seen by Menace to be the sole reason her kingdom met its downfall. She doesn't appear to care for others, only seeking to further her own personal goals. Menace holds unquenchable anger towards Anarista, even threatening to kill Melona after she shape shifts into Anarista, if she ever took the form of Anarista again. 


As a spy, Anarista is very stealthy and keen at gathering data, and very easy to persuade others into liking her, as seen with her relationship with Menace. She is a capable fighter, highly proficient in wrestling moves and grappling techniques.


  • She's voiced by Naomi Shindou in Menace's Drama CD.
  • Her name is a corruption of the Spanish word "Analista", which means Analyst.
  • In the same way Menace's background seems to be inspired in Souther from Fist Of The North Star, Anarista's backstory seems to be inspired in Souther's mentor and adoptive father, Ougai who forced Souther to kill him as a part of his final lesson for succeeding him as a master of the Nanto Ho'ou Ken style, except, in Anarista's case, she killed her pupil, and destroyed Amara afterwards, not to mention her fighting style is based in Pro Wrestling rather than martial arts.


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